Specifications Tebarra P28

Model name P58
Screen 1.96-inch TFT
Resolution 320*386 HD Resolution
Battery Capacity 230mAh
Battery Life Standby: 20 days
Water-resistant IP67 
(NOT suitable for swimming, bathing or showering)
Compatibility Android 4.4, iOS9.0 and above
Bluetooth 5.2
App DaFit
Features 100 + Workout modes: Biking, running, walking, skipping, basket ball, football, badminton and more(More motion modes require the motion push feature on APP)

Health monitoring: Heart rate monitor, Sleep monitor, Blood Oxygen monitor, Blood Pressure monitor, Female Cycle Tracking

Other features:
Bluetooth Call, Rotation button, Multi-watch Faces, Steps Tracking, Calorie Burn Tracking, Daily Steps Goal, Real-time Weather, Smartphone Notifications, Find Device, Flash light, Music Control, Camera control, Stopwatch, Alarm, Countdown.
Languages Watch languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Traditional, Ukrainian, Italian, Portuguese
Strap Width: 22mm
Material: Silica TPU
Watch Dimensions: 48.3 x 36 mm
Weight: 45.7g (with strap)


Our mission is to supply quality fitness tech to the people who strive to improve their health, fitness and everyday life. To do this, we have adapted high-end technology to decrease the price for our customers. We will continue to design and create smart products that are affordable to everyone.


We are TEBARRA. The affordable trendy brand that supplies high tech products, such as smartwatches, and soon body scales, fitness bands and more. All of our products have been designed in the UK. We do not do anything halfway here at TEBARRA, so we made sure that everything has been quality checked. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


Leading a busy lifestyle presented its challenges as many of you may know. We were searching for something that would keep us going, keep us motivated and organised. And we found it - a smart watch. We realised that a great fitness watch does not have to cost us a fortune. And that is what we are bringing to YOU here, at TEBARRA. We have launched this store to help other people with busy lifestyles, to achieve their fitness goals, become cautious about their health & wellbeing.

So this is how TEBARRA was born. We took the best fitness tech on the market, packed in the best features & design to create this vibrant and affordable brand that will make your life easier & healthier.